Slide Inventing can be Learned Bidyut is Country’s most advanced Robotic Edtech company,catering schools and students in their quest for holisticdevelopment. Read More Slide Inventing can be Taught Bidyut is Country’s most advanced Robotic Edtech company,catering schools and students in their quest for holisticdevelopment. Read More
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Bidyut Innovation is a well-developed platform powered by smart technology to enhance & enable learning in line with the New Education Policy. The first of its kind to teach Robotics and Coding on Most advanced Educational Robots.


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Educating Students to act with Integrity in an increasingly digital world

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Robotic Labs for Schools
The inclusion of robotics studies in the school curriculum is no longer a matter of debate. Students need exposure from an early age to be able to feel comfortable working around machines as the world is inevitably moving towards that future.

However, robotics labs in schools are more than just a necessity. In fact, many teachers around the globe believe that they complement the present curriculum, help enhance STREAM education and lead to other such benefits that aid students to effectively take their education forward.

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Rahul Shah

Co-Founder & Managing Director
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What Teachers Say

Mrs. Pratibha Sharma

Dear Bidyut Innovation Robotics Team, I would like to express my gratitude and thanks for introducing Bidyut Robotics to GD Goenka Indore. This is not an add on feature for our students but a 'boon' for our students. Robotics has actually taught our students skill based learning specially if we talk about the concepts of Maths & Science. This is actually teaching our students the meaning of ideation. The kind of concepts Bidyut Robotics have taught makes them stand apart. Bidyut Robotics has a very simple way of training teachers on ground. They are extremely supportive and updated at ll time. My special mention to the founder of Bidyut Robotics Mr. Rahul Shah who has a unique skill of handlling people with ease and confidence. Ms. Ankita who is always ready to find solution to the problem and all other members associated with this team. My Best wishes for Bidyut so that it becomes 'Best Robotics Company' in the world.

Mr. Mitesh From laurels school

Robotics has made the Concepts of science very easy to understand. Bidyut Innovation has brought out the knowledge and concepts from book to the real world. A well designed and easy to understand Syllabus has developed enthusiasm in students about the robotics.s has made the Concepts of science very easy to understand. Bidyut robotics has brought out the knowledge and concepts from book to the real world. A well designed and easy to understand Syllabus has developed enthusiasm in students about the robotics.

Mr. Mano from Medicaps

At MediCaps, we take immense pride in our state-of-the-art Robotic Lab, established in collaboration with Bidyut Innovation , aimed at educating the next generation about the latest technological advancements. Our Robotics Lab is designed to provide students with an immersive and transformative learning experience, integrating practical STEM concepts into the minds of our young and imaginative generation. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our lab serves as a focal point for exploration, innovation, and hands-on learning. We believe that a well-equipped robotics lab can ignite a passion for learning and foster students' creativity. Our objective is to prepare students for a world where innovation and technology play pivotal roles.

Mrs. Nidhi Chaudhary

Bidyut Innovative Lab is an awesome place! They have cool gadgets and inventions that make life easier. The staff is friendly and helpful, and they explain everything in a way that's easy to understand. Plus, they have hands-on activities where you can try out the latest technology. Overall, it's a fun and educational experience for everyone!

Mr. Ruchir Sharma, IT HEAD, GD goenka public school, Indore

A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step". We started our robotics journey in June 2023, thanks to the training provided by Bidyut Innovation to our teachers. Alongside the different types of robotics kits, an online curriculum was also provided to the robotics teachers. The curriculum containing videos and presentations helped students greatly in grasping the robotic concepts. A big thanks to Bidyut Innovation for making robotics an enjoyable experience for goenkans 🙂

Mrs. Vidhi Bhadoriya Robotics Lab Incharge GDGPS, Indore

We started robotics classes from April. We first took training. During the training, we learned all the things which were new to us. After completing the training, we taught what we learned to the children. According to the syllabus of the children, we gave them robotics classes. They completed their classes with great enthusiasm. There was also an inter-house robotic competition in which the children participated enthusiastically. This experience was very good. Some of it was new for us and some of it was new for the children, but yes, we learned new technology. Having said that, our experience was wonderful and we will continue to try to see what new things we can learn from robotics.


Bidyut innovation is a wonderful platform! The staff is so cool and helpful in all situations 🙂"If u have knowledge,let others light their candles in it." I truly appreciate bidyut innovation for sharing such a knowledge with us. They helped us a lot by providing such a valuable information by videos and they even provided different kits which are truly helpful for children.The classes taken by ankitha ma'am was really awesome, her explanation was fantastic. We are really thankfull for working with such a cool team.

Mr. Selvin Bernard St. Vincent Pallotti School

Bidyut innovation provides incredible products and services. On January 24,2024 we at St.Vincent Pallotti school proudly inauguration it's cutting edge robotics lab. The training session organized by bidyut was quite encouraging, informative and helpful. The session stressed at the importance of robotics in different domains of life-educational, medical, commercial etc. It's our pleasure in connecting with bidyut

Mrs. Aruna Rao, Laurels School

Introducing critical thinking to our tiny tots without the stress of performance is indeed a tough task. But Bidyut Innovations has made it quite straightforward and simple. Bidyut, by giving us easy, hands-on, well-planned activities has actually kindled our students’ curiosity and has forced them to think logically about the various possible outcomes. Their concept of screenless coding, introduced at such a young age, will definitely develop clear thought process in our students which will go a long way in developing their designing concepts. The team is very cooperative and responds well with positive solutions. While we look forward to few more fine tunings to an exciting learning experience, I take this opportunity to Congratulate Bidyut Innovations for such a brilliant concept.

Aarti Naini from JG High Secondary School Mhow

My experience with the Robotics Lab of Bidyut Innovation has been nothing short of incredible. The lab provided a stimulating environment filled with cutting-edge equipment and knowledgeable instructors. As someone new to robotics, I found the introductory courses invaluable.They provided a solid foundation in the fundamentals of robot mechanics, programming, and control systems. The instructors were patient and encouraging, always willing to answer questions and guide me through projects. The Robotics Lab has significantly impacted my understanding and enthusiasm for robotics. The knowledge and skills I gained will definitely prove instrumental in my Professional career of Robotics instructor. I highly recommend the robotics lab of Bidyut Innovation to anyone interested in exploring the world of robotics. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned robotics enthusiast, the lab provides a stimulating environment and the resources you need to achieve your robotics goals."

Mr.Kshitij From Carmel School Ujjain

Bidyut Innovations has created a fantastic learning environment for individuals interested in robotics. The resources provided were top-notch, and the support from the staff was exceptional. I truly feel more confident in my robotics skills after completing this training. "Bidyut Innovations provides an outstanding robotics training program. The trainers are highly knowledgeable, the resources are excellent, and the support is unmatched. I would highly recommend Bidyut Innovations to anyone looking to dive into the world of robotics!"

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