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The inclusion of robotics studies in the school curriculum is no longer a matter of debate. Students need exposure from an early age to be able to feel comfortable working around machines as the world is inevitably moving towards that future. However, robotics labs in schools are more than just a necessity. In fact, many teachers around the globe believe that they complement the present curriculum, help enhance STEAM education and lead to other such benefits that aid students to effectively take their education forward.
Governments across the globe have already recognised the importance of Robotics in the classroom and have begun to create programmes and laws that would incorporate them into the public education system. The idea behind such actions is not only teaching students the basics of Robotics but also opening a whole new world for them with exciting opportunities that they would not have access to otherwise.
Robotics is an illumination of science and technology. It is the future everyone looks forward to. The science of robotics is a mere combination of mechanics, electronics, computer and information science and so on. This branch of science is a pool of several major branches of technology clustered into one complex yet most important field. One cannot compromise on its importance- the reason being, it is completely changed human lifestyle and has significantly enhanced the quality of work and service, be it at home or in your workplace.
It is an interdisciplinary technology that involves various fields such as computer science, mechanical, electronics, and many more. Introducing robotics for kids at an early age will help them to gain a variety of skills like – problem-solving, creativity, communication, critical thinking, programming, etc. Apart from the above-mentioned skills Robotics also teaches STEAM for kids practically.
The traditional way of learning through books will not work for all kids in near future, Robotics promotes a practical way of learning, Bidyut focusses on teaching and strengthening concepts while using robotic components as a tool to explore their creativity and learn effectively. It makes learning fun and easy.
Nowadays, technology is driving the world, it is of utmost importance to prepare students for the future. In fact, teaching robotics to the students throughout their schooling may enhance their ability to be more creative and innovative thinkers, it will help in bringing their imagination into reality.

Bidyut’s teaching Methodology

With Bidyut’s STEAM education methodology, we ensure an intensive learning process for your child in the field of Coding and Robotics which harbour’s creativity, encourages students to think, discuss among each other and build innovative designs to solve the problems.
Bidyut Innovation platform promotes the development of technical skills in young children in a fun way. Children learn by performing, making and programming robots, which give them the opportunity to make their ideas real. We are helping kids create tomorrow’s out-of-the-box innovators. Our products are designed to teach and have fun at the same time. Our Vision is to inspire kids of all ages by giving them tools to imagine and invent the future.
Our tailored solutions propel the fun forward with personable robots and apps designed for kids ages 5-14. See how Virtual Dash and the Class Connect platform provide educators and students the tools they need to build coding and problem- solving skills and engineer the future. Explore and track progress through in-app puzzles, standards-aligned math activities, and our Coding Pathways curriculum. Annual robotics challenges engage kids on another level and our professional learning opportunities support educators who are establishing a foundation for 21st- century learning.
Bidyut set up Robotic Labs where the budding scientists will accelerate their ideas to solve unique problems using STEAM. If you are a parent searching for a way to introduce robotics for your child, then Robotics Coding and AI Courses are for you. These courses focusses on the best ways to introduce robotics for kids along with this it also helps in developing creative and analytical side of a child’s brain.
The pace at which world is heading towards digital automation, Pursuing a career in robotics is a good decision for many because of its future prospects and In many cases, robotics-specific jobs are paid extremely well as they often involve highly important processes that are integral to companies or organisations, such as the maintenance or programming of sophisticated analytical computers or working machines.
Alongside this, careers in Robotics also offer people the chance to work with ground- breaking tech that could change the world forever.
This growth is likely to lead to a shortage of qualified engineers in the long run, resulting in companies offering even more lucrative wages in order to attract the experts they need to help them.
As the robotics industry becomes more and more influential as a whole, and as millions of unfilled jobs start to open up in the future, choosing a career in robotics could become a highly important decision for many students and adults alike.
With the rise of self-automating robots and intelligent AI comes the fear that job opportunities will become few and far between for both normal workers and experts in robotics. However, although AI may eventually take some jobs, it is likely to also lead to a plethora of new ones, especially in the field of robotics.
Searching online, it is easy to see that robots programmed and run by AI are still as fallible as human workers. They sometimes make mistakes, often critical, and machinery is likely to always require some level of human programming and regular maintenance to function properly.
Thankfully, we are still a long way away from a world in which experts in robotics will be replaced by artificial intelligence or the robots they designed themselves.
Likewise, as mentioned before, careers in robotics is becoming ever more popular as time passes, and this is partly due to our society’s dependence on technology.
With tech showing no sign of losing popularity any time soon, there is evidence that jobs in robotics will remain highly profitable for the foreseeable future. ‍
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